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Alambique Priorat Lab



Valentina is our still, it is unique, elegant and brings a special touch to our spirits.
It was created by hand in 2019 at the facilities of Müller Brennereianlagen, the fourth generation of still manufacturers based in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany. It was manufactured following our indications, thought and designed especially for our lab.


Demijohns stored outdoors, allow us a different way of aging, called “sol y serena”. It is a traditional system, typical of our land that allows to accelerate oxidative processes with the direct action of the sun (light and heat) in contrast to the cold at night.

Priorat lab damajuanas



The French oak wood troncoconicals offer another type of oxidative aging since there is a greater contact surface with the air, they provide excellent micro-oxygenation as well as subtle aromas.

tronconidos Priorat Lab
Priorat lab barricas


We like to play with the different types of aging processes and having different types of barrels helps us.
In our lab you can find Sherry barrels, both old and new, Priorat barrels (from Scala Dei), American charred barrels and different types of French barrels.. Each one brings different notes and aromas to the products.

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