Vermouth Dos Déus: Estrellas

The union of tradition and innovation. Produced in Priorat and matured in Sherry barrels between 3 and 5 years. A vermouth with outstanding bitter notes, little sugar, a delicate bouquet and a characteristic amber-red color. A vermouth conceived to be enjoyed in traditional aperitifs but also to be the protagonist of cocktails and mixed drinks.

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Vermouth Dos Déus is a traditional Spanish vermouth with a modern approach. Medium bodied with a predominance of bitter notes and sweet sherry from the barrel.

Good as aperitif but also as ingredient in cocktails.

Aged in handpicked Sherry barrels between 1 and 3 years.

NOSE: Elegant with deep green and herbal notes typical from vermouth, gentian, iris root, liquorice and angelica, oxidized red wine and PedroXimenez.

PALATE: Medium-bodied with a pleasant entrance and predominance of bitter notes well balanced by the sour and sweet notes of the vermouth. Harmonized classic notes: bitter and sweet roots combined with herby spices (cinnamon, thyme) and flowers; (camomile); the aromas from the nose intense and long lasting in the palate.

FINISH: Medium, sweet sherry wine with a bitter touch and hints of balsamic liquorice.