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Vermouth Dos Déus Origins: Negro, Blanco, Blanco seco

Vermouth Dos Déus Origins: Red, Smoked, White & DryWhite

A Vermouth with a body and mythological essence, which comes from the heart of the celestially beautiful Priorat. A younger and fresher range that experiments with different grape varieties and different types of aging.

Vermouth Dos Déus: Estrellas & Reserva

Vermouth Dos Déus: Estrelles & Reserve

The union of tradition and innovation. Produced in Priorat and matured in Sherry barrels between 3 and 5 years. A vermouth with outstanding bitter notes, little sugar, a delicate bouquet and a characteristic amber-red color. A vermouth conceived to be enjoyed in traditional aperitifs but also to be the protagonist of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Vermouth Dos Déus Ahumado: Dip

Vermouth Dos Déus Smoked: Dip

Dos Déus Dip is the result of smoking the aromatic plants and letting the vermouth rest in new, charred American oak barrels, such as those used for bourbon production.

Vermouth Dos Déus Caliente: Nordic & Mediterranean

Vermouth Dos Déus Calent: Mediterranean

Inspiring to the North European hot wine tradition, this range brings new winter flavors to the world of vermuth. Aroma and texture contrast to surprise the consumer who can enjoy it both hot and cold.


Mina Ratafía de magnolias

Mina Magnolias Liquor

Unique formula of Bellmunt de Priorat following the original recipes of the townspeople, made with hand-picked magnolias: soft, traditional and floral.

Nojae, licor de flor de sauco

Nojae, Elderflower liquor

It is made in small batches with the highest quality elderflower flowers that in contact with water release all their delicate perfume, flavor and essence. A soft elderflower liqueur with hints of citrus, light and floral. To combine with white spirits or cava.

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